Why Should You Install Security Window Film?

Why Should You Install Security Window Film?

Surveillance and alarms systems, along with security guards and locks are ways people use to ensure security in their buildings. But did you know that the entry points of a building can make them more or less secure? Well, for burglars to come into a property, they must see or suspect that it has valuable things. And the only way they can peep what’s inside is through the glass doors and windows. It’s why you should accompany all your security measures with a security window film.

Why Consider Security Window Tint?

All other security steps you are taking, like installing cameras and hiring security personnel are important in securing your building. However, they don’t prevent burglars from seeing what’s inside.

Even if a building has top security, attackers can still break the windows and get inside if they have a reason to. Therefore, the best thing for government and other high-security buildings is to glaze them with laminated security glass or polycarbonate panels that can’t break. But, this isn’t always a suitable option for some reasons, including;


It’s costly– if you have few windows, the budget can be affordable. However, for companies that have large several windows, glazing them could be very expensive.


Building’s architecture– the framing and structure of older buildings might not be strong enough to handle the weight of security glass.


Conservational considerations– some historical buildings can’t be altered without distorting the original appearance.


If installing a security glass isn’t a viable option, that’s not the end for you. You can instead opt for a security window film that’s more affordable and can be installed easily.


A security window film offers an affordable way of security glazing and can be applied to any glass. It doesn’t change the glass’s appearance, meaning it can be used on historic buildings.

How Does Security Window Tint Increase Security?

Before getting into how security window film works, we should mention that it is not breakable or shatterproof. It’s designed to hold the glass in place, so even a broken window will still remain intact. It also ensures that the shards do not fly inwards.


So you’re asking, if the window can still break, how then does the film make my building more secure? Well, first it will slow down the intruders trying to break into your building. This allows you to call 911 and move to somewhere safe. It also gives the security personnel time to arrive at your building.


Window security films are now a popular option, thanks to their affordability. Government buildings, religious centers, schools, and other high-security facilities are now using them. They help prevent serious injuries and loss of life in case of a violent attack by armed robbers. Some of the benefits that come with this window protection method are;



  • The film holds broken glass pieces in place
  • It helps shattered windows to remain in shape
  • Slows down forced entry from intruders
  • Gives building occupants to react to unexpected attacks
  • Buys time for security personnel to arrive at the scene


And they are not just useful during theft situations, but even with the ever-changing weather conditions. Note that heavy storm debris can break a glass window, enter inside, and may injure someone. Plus, it exposes the building to other dangerous elements. Having a security window film at such a time is thus essential as it can hold your windows in place and prevent sharp pieces of glass from flying. It can even protect the windows from earthquakes.

Final Thoughts

Even if we don’t want to imagine our buildings being attacked, it can still happen. It’s why you need to prioritize security as much as you can. While there’s no one standard solution that works for all buildings, you can use security window film along with other security measures to secure your building.


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