Ceramic Coating

A vehicle is one of the most significant purchases one can make in their lifetime. From the day it is manufactured to the day it is purchased and beyond, it experiences a number of surface abrasions and blemishes that diminish its luster and paint finish.

Nano ceramic coating is a liquid-based polymer with a 9H hardness on the Mohs scale (Diamond has a 10H hardness) that is applied to a surface to give it defensive capabilities and extend the life of vehicle paint.

Yes, ceramic coating for automobiles provides exceptional paint protection. Not only does it extend the life of the paint, but it also gives the vehicle an incredible factory-fresh shine.

Ceramic coating is well worth the investment. It offers exceptional protection from environmental hazards and corrosion. It is prudent to invest in ceramic coating services in order to preserve the paint integrity of your vehicle over time.

The wax and sealants are no match for ceramic coating. Since ancient times, waxes have been a highly effective product. Many have been using to give their vehicle a spectacular shine. However, wax has a much shorter lifespan compared to ceramic coating. This may necessitate repeated purchases of car wax to restore the vehicle’s luster. A complete waste of money and time. Nevertheless, the ceramic coating can last anywhere from one to five years, depending on the coating and its application.

The application of nano ceramic coating to a vehicle or bicycle is not a simple task. There are very few do-it-yourself products that encourage coating application. The correct application of ceramic coatings requires professional training and experience; otherwise, everything will end up a shiny mess. Nonetheless, to satisfy curiosity. On a vehicle’s entire surface, ceramic coating is typically applied with an applicator cloth or duster very slowly and evenly. Slow and laborious steps are taken to ensure that the ceramic coating has been applied evenly and without leaving any oxidation.

This is because, once the coating has hardened, it is extremely difficult, if not impossible, to correct errors. In such a case, the coating must be removed and reapplied. Therefore, precision is essential to the entire ceramic coating process.