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Types of Commercial Window Tinting You Should Know

Types of Commercial Window Tinting You Should Know

Window tinting is an economical way to enhance your office’s beauty, comfort, and safety while improving energy efficiency to save your monthly energy bills significantly. Burbank Window Tint company offers a wide range of products for commercial tinting windows designed to solve problems. Our window tinting installation service ensures you can achieve the results you want, from privacy to UV protection.


There are various types of commercial window tinting and this guide will walk you through them.

1. Solar Films
Windows should bring light to your office and offer beautiful views, especially when you are stuck in the office for more than eight hours a day. Massive windows may create problems that can interfere with your productivity, such as letting in harmful UV light, making the screen hard to read, or overheating the space. Commercial window tinting will surely rectify these problems as well as preserve the outside view. Generally, you will have a well-lit space.



Types of solar films

  • Reflective window film

It offers your business extra privacy because the films protect the building’s inside from heat and UV rays. Besides, they add the mirrored look to the exterior.

  • Neutral window film

If you do not want the mirrored look from the reflective film, you have an option of a neutral window film. This film will not affect your exterior appearance.


  • Low-E Window film

This film is designed for harsh weather and to lower energy costs. In cooler seasons, they will retain heat in the building, and during hot times, they will keep heat out.



2. Decorative films
Unlike solar films, these films focus on both the interior and exterior of the windows to keep privacy and appearance. They add aesthetic properties to the current deacuter of the building by adding texture, color, or pattern. Besides, they can block views well.



Types of decorative films

  • Textured frost

Frosted windows or glass doors bring an aesthetic appealing as it increases the privacy in the offices.


  • Patterns and Textiles

The patterned films add privacy and other interests to a neutral office space. For example, some geometric patterns create a modern touch to your industry. The best thing here is to select customizable patterns that incorporate well with your brands logo. The textile-inspired films are different from patterned films since they have a more subtle design and minimalistic designs.

  • Colored film

The colored films add that pop interest in a room, especially large spaces that dominate neutral colors. You can add them to glass doors, empty glass places, or staircase banisters.


  • Gradient film

I you do not need to complete your privacy or break the boring glass partition, then gradient films can do. It can be paired with colored film, textiles, or patterns to bring a subtle effect.



3. Safety and Security films

Commercial window tint films can also serve as a shield to safeguard against vandalism, graffiti, accidental damage, or even burglary.

Solar safety and security film


This is the best film if you want comfort and energy-saving film. Besides, it also offers maximum protection of security. You can select your films strength to prevent damage.


  • Anti-Graffiti film

If you ever encountered problems with graffiti or vandalism, then you are aware of the stress you went through to bring a contractor to clean the building. The anti-graffiti film makes it easier to remove graffiti in seconds instead of hours since it is easier to peel away from the building.


This film is designed specially to guard against;

  • Natural disasters
  • Theft
  • Accidents
  • Commercial window tinting- finding the type you require

The commercial window tinting adds flexible options as per your needs. If you want your privacy and, at the same time, color, decorative films are available for that. We have been providing top window films for many years now. Call us today at (818) 626-5883 to begin your commercial window tint journey! Contact us now!