The Best Window Tint for Cold Weather

The Best Window Tint for Cold Weather

The Best Window Tint for Cold Weather

​​Although the cold season is not yet upon us here in Burbank, it is on its way. We are approaching the festive season, and most people are not thinking about fall home improvements. However, this is the right time to start researching to figure out the right home improvements. Window tint is one of the best improvements you can make, especially when preparing for the winter season. Besides acting as a barrier against cold weather, window tint makes your home more comfortable and help you save a considerable amount of money in the long run. With a Return on Investment (ROI) of 3 years, installing window tint for cold weather is a good investment. However, most car and homeowners are skeptical because they keep asking a lot of questions.



Can you tint windows in cold weather? With numerous market choices, it is daunting for car or homeowners to choose the right window tint. If you are wondering whether you can tint your car windows in winter, the answer is yes. However, you need to choose the right brand to save money, make your car or home more comfortable, and get better insulation. Here are the best three window tints for cold weather:


1. 3M Thinsulate


3M Thinsulate is one of the powerful tools in climate control. With this window tint, you will keep the sun out but trap heat inside your car or home, thus offering excellent insulation. Ergo, if you insulate 3M Thinsulate window tints, you will retain the heat in your car/ home while blocking out the cold weather during the winter season. Besides insulation, 3M Thinsulate offers ultraviolet (UV) protection and reduces glare to improve visibility.


2. SolarGard


SolarGard is a perfect choice for colder climates. If your home requires more heating than cooling all year long, SolarGard can reduce utility bills. This type of window film is designed to seal in the air during the winter season. Therefore, even if temperatures are low, it is easier and cheaper to keep your home warm because the heat won’t escape. SolarGard is effective in glare control and fade reduction besides solar control, making it one of the best window films for cold weather.


3. EnerLogic 70


EnerLogic 70 is an ideal window film in Burbank because it can easily withstand cold weather. With a visible light transmission of 70%, EnerLogic allows plenty of natural light to pass through while blocking the cold air. When it comes to energy efficiency, EnerLogic 70 is the best compared to other window films. In cold weather, EnerLogic 70 window films can reduce the heating cost to about 10% while saving approximately 33% energy during the winter season. With EnerLogic, you will save a considerable amount of money while making your home more comfortable.

Whether you are looking to install window films to your car or home, you will reap benefits. Besides insulation, you will enjoy less fade and better visibility, making window films a worthy investment. However, thorough research is required primarily for first timers. Finally, if you live in Burbank or surrounding areas and want to install window tints for the weather, please click here for more information, or contact Burbank window tint at (818) 626-5883