How To Remove Window Tint

How To Remove Window Tint

Nothing lasts for long, not even your car’s window tint. It can degrade over time, and whatever the reason for its degradation, replacing it with a new one is a worthy investment. Taking your car to your favorite auto shop to get the tint removed and replace it with a new one sounds easy and good, but doing it yourself at home is easier and costs less as well.

Removing window tint is a very quick process, especially if you have the right tools. In order to learn how to remove old window tint, read on below and do it yourself at home.

How to remove car window tint
Like every other activity, the first thing that you need to focus on is the materials, supplies, and tools you need for your project. It doesn’t make sense starting something and are unable to continue due to the lack of supplies available.


  • Things you need

There are different methods of removing window tints, and they all require different things to do so. If you plan on using the soap and scrape methods, then you need the following things:
an ordinary dish soap, spray bottle, knife or blade, clean rags, and water. You can also use the newspaper and soap technique that needs a bucket, sponge, and newspaper.


  • Prepare your car window

Firstly prepare the window by removing and decals or stickers present on it. You can simply start by scrubbing the rag on the window using some liquid soap and water.


  • Apply the tint removal method

Once the stickers are off, you can apply the method you have chosen for the removal, such as the soap and scrape technique or the newspaper method. It is ideal that you start in the small panel first and then move towards a bigger area.
Take a blade or a knife and lift the corner of the tint film using the blade. Grasp the corner that gets free and carefully peel it off without tearing it.


  • Remove adhesive from glass

Once the tint is removed, the adhesive is left behind on the glass. Simply use a sponge and soap and rub the adhesive easily.
With these simple steps above, you can remove the window tint easily at home on your own.

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