How to Fix Wrinkles in Window Tint

How to Fix Wrinkles in Window Tint

​​Window tinting has many benefits for a car or home. However, sometimes the window tint, wrinkles, and buckles ruining your vehicle’s look and make it impossible for you to have a clear view while driving.

When this happens, you have to find ways on how to fix wrinkles in window tint. The annoying wrinkles are not hard to fix; you have two options that include repair and replacement. Here are three ways to fix wrinkled car window tint.


Repairing Your Existing Tint


Repairing your existing wrinkled film tint is the first thing you should consider. Saturate the wrinkled area by spraying it with distilled water. Cut one corner with a razor blade and lift off the tint. However, this is almost a little hard with old tint films because they tend to tear easily. Spray more water and lift the film until you get the wrinkled area.


• Pull the wrinkled part back before spraying a lot of water on the glass and the film. Be careful not to tear the film. Place the film back on the glass and get rid of any air bubbles as you press it firmly. This should help the film to stick back smoothly without wrinkles. Leave it to dry, and it will be as smooth as new after an hour.


Repairing with a new film


• If the wrinkled area cannot be repaired using the same film, it is possible to use a new one on the affected area. Use a razor blade to make a deep cut on the film and spray its water. Cut the corners of the film and lift and remove all the wrinkled film.


• Remove any glue on the glass and clean with water, and be careful not to damage the good film as you remove the wrinkled chunks of glue. Wipe the glass dry with a towel before getting a piece of the tint film slightly bigger than the part that needs repair.


Also, make sure your new tint matches the existing tint film’s shade. As you place the new film, squeegee all air out and push it to the edges. Use a sharp razor blade to cut off the extra film and be precise to ensure the seams are close for a perfect look. Leave the tint for about two hours to allow it to cure.


Full replacement


• For a full replacement, clean the window with ammonia-based glass cleaner and remove any extra glue on the edges using a razor blade. Ammonia dissolves the glue and makes the film come off quickly.


• Wipe the window dry and leave it for one hour to ensure it dries completely before spraying with more water and waiting for it to dry more.


• Get a film bigger than the glass window that needs replacement. Spray the glass with water and peel the film’s backing before placing it on the wet window. Squeegee out all the air bubbles starting from the middle of the window and move towards the edges. Trim the edges, starting with the top one; if you need to squeeze again, spray some water to ensure no bubbles are left. Leave the film to cure for over12 hours or overnight.


How do you fix wrinkled tint? It is easy, choose one of the above three options, and your car windows will be looking as good as new, or contact Burbank window tint to get a free quote!