Everything You Need To Know About Exterior Window Films

Can you put exterior window film?

Exterior films are ranked among the best performing window films, hands down. Most manufacturer has solved the durability problems of the past, making these films a more efficient solution for temperature and daylight control applications.

So, can you put a film on the external part of the window? Yes, you can. Bear in mind that films are normally installed internally to protect them against elements. In the previous past, external window films were disregarded due to the perception of poor performance and durability. Therefore, a number of manufacturers have taken solid steps to improve the durability, aesthetics, and overall performance of external window films. Top manufacturers have made incredible improvements to meet client needs for these products. Regardless of their longevity, internal window films are not normally ideal, and at times their application may not be feasible.



Solar window films

These window films are effective for energy savings, heat reduction, and daytime privacy. They are externally installed films and can be applied to dual pain, laminated panels, and single-pane windows. They also have a restricted warranty and life expectancy of seven to twelve years.


Security window films
This type of film is designed to specifically enable security and combat glass breakage. It comes with a clear imperceptible version and light control options. All versions of this film can help to block UV light and UVB rays.


Exterior decorative window films
When it comes to visually appealing graphics, these films are normally installed on the external surface of the glass. External graphic films normally have a five to seven-year life expectancy. They are designed to be temporarily used. Commercial buildings traditionally utilize graphic window film, and commercial apartments are ideal for companies looking to improve their marketing and street view presence.


Benefits of window films

  • Offer sun protection by lowering the intensity of the sun’s UV rays
  • External window films are available in high reflectivity and low reflectivity options
  • Block a massive amount of Infrared light
  • Lower energy costs
  • Allow natural light- external films allow the flow of natural light while rejecting heat.

Advantages of external window films

  • Aesthetics- holding the capacity to improve the aesthetics and performance of glass has never been this achievable. If you are considering building a beautiful house, exterior window films are the best option.
  • Performance- exterior films are ranked as some of the best performing window films compared to internally applied window films. Also, solving the durability issues of the past has made external weatherable films a more efficient option.
  • Durability- superior manufacturing, well-trained installation specialists, advanced materials, and fantastic warranties have made external window films a more feasible solution when considering film choices.
  • Accessibility- external parts of glass are reasonably easy to access, hence making exterior window films ideal in most situations.

Why exterior window film is unique
The external film, in most instances, feels and looks the same as the interior film. It is installed exactly the same way, with aqueous and soap solutions, although the windows might need extra cleaning since they are outside.

More specifically, the main difference is that the exterior window film has a significant scratch-proof coating. This incredibly helps to resist rain, wind, and other potential factors.

Thus, it is always a better option to consider an exterior film than an internal one. Notably, the external window film generally lasts five to seven years before you can notice any damage.