Burbank Window Tinting provides the World’s Leading Manufacturer and Marketing Professional of High-Performance Home Window Films and also Tints that are made use of in Automotive, Residential, and Commercial applications.


We are the Burbank’s service provider of premium home window tints. From UV defense to enhanced protection, savings, and comfort, our home window films shield what you enjoy. Set up by our special network of authorized dealerships, as well as backed by a manufacturing facility assurance. You can really feel secure trusting your car, residence, or building to the care of our statewide team of specialists.


Our Services

Benefits of Window Tinting

  • Protects you by blocking UV rays
  • Cuts glare to reduce eyestrain
  • Help to reduce energy consumption, lowering bills
  • Bring security to your home in case of burglars breaking glass
  • Protects your car’s interio
Burbank Window Tint

Automobile Window Tint

Our automotive window films minimize warm and also glare for an extra comfortable trip and also supply greater than 99% UV protection.


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Residential Window

Our residential window films will protect your family from over 99% of harmful UV rays, while saving on air conditioning. 


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Commercial Window Tint

Whether you are looking to improve productivity, increase tenant retention, or reduce expenses, our window film is a smart choice that will allow you to enjoy a rapid return on investment.

Burbank Window Tint are service experts you can trust for high-performance movies to top-performing all-metal movies for every automobile owner’s style. There is also a range of optically clear and in addition tinted motion pictures to help with any type of degree of defense you intend to accomplish while giving sunshine safety and the required protection. Ceramic layer is also done as part of automotive detailing at Boulder Window Tint, which is the utmost paint protection and also replaced automobile film. Various other solutions used are household and commercial home window tinting.